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If you haven’t incorporated video into your marketing program yet, you’re missing an opportunity to take advantage of arguably the hottest marketing medium today. If you are using video to promote your products and services, are you using it according to best practices?

Either way, during this session, you’ll learn:

  • How some of the best video practitioners around are plying their craft on behalf of themselves and their clients.
  • Which types of videos work best at different stages of the customer journey, and how to produce those videos as well.
  • Tactics, tips and techniques for launching, or improving, your own video marketing campaigns.

You will also gain valuable tips on distribution and getting viewers, the effects of animation or live action, the difference in major video platforms, measuring the effectiveness of your videos, creating a video marketing strategy, hiring a video production team, and how the craft of storytelling can impact video marketing and maintain brand integrity.


5:30 – 6:30 Networking / Light Refreshments
6:30 – 8:00 Panel Discussion
8:00 – 8:30 Networking Wrap-up

Who Should Attend?

Agency or client-side, B2B or B2C, SMB or large corporation, enterprise or entrepreneur…whoever you are, wherever you work, if your responsibility is to attract new business, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to climb aboard the video bandwagon. You don’t want to miss this session.


Robert_LeeRobert Lee

Executive Producer & Owner, Shalalala Productions

See full bio below



Brian HessionBrian Hession

President & Founder, Oceanos 

See full bio below



Andrew_PenzinerAndrew Penziner

Owner and Executive Producer, Motivity Video

See full bio below




Jason MargacaJason Margaca

Director/Producer, VNeck Media

See full bio below



Panel Moderators

Bob Cargill and Victoria Smith of AMA-Boston

Company Overviews and Presenter Bio’s

Shalalala Productions: Robert Lee

Established in 2012. ShaLaLaLa Productions is a Boston-based video production company. ShaLaLaLa Productions has produced videos (specializing in promotion videos, interviews and client testimonial videos), provided video production support, and operated as a consultant on video marketing and online content matters to other video production companies, and companies/organization in professional services of all sizes, whether in and outside of Boston. Industries include medical, health care, well-being, catalog, landscaping marketing, and financial fields. Should you seek assistance on the best way to create, market or distribute your videos, or need to consult with us with your video marketing challenges, we’re here for you.

Robert is the owner and executive producer of ShaLaLaLa Productions,Prior to founding ShaLaLaLa, Robert brings 20+ years of experience in direct marketing for businesses, especially medical manufacture, food and the entertainment industry. Hismarketing background and creativity gives him unique perspective and approach to his shoots where he had produced a music documentary that has aired on several public access channels across Massachusetts and his company won Online video awards with NEDMA. Robert’s projects have given him the opportunity to work with a diverse range of talent including Edward James Olmos, Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle creator), Paul Michael Glaser, Chris Trapper, Noam Chomsky, and Bianca de la Garza. He has been featured on The Mobius Video Podcast and UR Business Network Podcast Program. When he’s not working on a shoot, you can easily find him passionately giving talks about video marketing or production in formal and informal settings. A firm believein pre-production, and that the key things for your videos is knowing your audience, knowing your goals, purposes and more importantly your message.

Oceanos: Brian Hession

Oceanos is a B2B technology, data, and advisory services company that helps organizations cleanse, complete, and grow their contact database to support all types of demand generation.  The process is powered by the highest quality data and algorithms, leveraging multiple data sources, innovation, and strategic expertise.  Oceanos data solutions are accessible via API, multiple CRM/MAP, and directly via an advisor.

Brian Hession is the President & Founder of Oceanos, where he helps companies design data management strategies that deliver smarter data, better marketing automation performance and more revenue.  Brian is a member of MOCCA Operations Board—the leading professional association dedicated to operational excellence in marketing operations—serving as Data & Information advisor.

Motivity Video: Andrew Penziner

Motivity exists to serve the video content and production needs of clients of all sizes. We are driven by the premise that our job is to build strong connections between powerful ideas, well-crafted stories and people.
We produce movement with your sales, marketing, and communications goals. Our approach involves looking at your goals both strategically and creatively to figure out what’s best for your project. We want to understand what role your video or videos will play in your marketing and communications efforts, and how they will be put to work. Of course, no two projects are alike which is why our process is flexible. This allows us to adapt our services to your project’s specific needs.

Andrew is the owner and executive producer at Motivity Video. He is a video production professional with over 25 years’ experience spread across advertising, on-air promotion and branding, large-scale web development, marketing video production and video marketing. Andrew has held positions at FOX Sports NE (Rainbow Programing & FSN), Molecular, and Viacom Boston (WBZTV) prior to launching his own video production company in 2007.  Fueled by the demands and challenges faced by marketers today, Andrew founded Motivity Video in 2015 to unite two of his passions under one roof, video production and video marketing. Motivity creates video content for brands, agencies, institutions, and non-profits that drives business. Andrew has received numerous awards for his work as a writer, producer, and director. In addition to his career in video, Andrew is a voice actor whose credits include work for Hulu, Amazon Web Services, UPS, AT&T, HTC, Carbonite and Houghton Mifflin to name a few. Jason MagacaVneck Media

VNeck Media: Jason Margaca

VNeck Media is a creative and video production company formed in 2014 that specializes in creative/business projects from commercials to promotional videos and other types of media content for businesses of all sizes. They have offices in Boston and NYC.  Jason Margaca has been a media professional for 15 years. Starting off in music, Jason has experience as a music composer/producer/songwriter having composed for short films, videogames, and promo videos. While also sharing a passion for video, in 2010 Jason entered the video industry working for a Boston television program. Since then Jason has worked on his skillset to encompass all aspects of video, from creative planning to directing.


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